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Are digital photographs too plentiful to be meaningful?

We are living on 'digital world', which most of machines are based on digital technology rather than 'analog'.

Digital technology has changed totally our life   and the camera is also one of trendy product along with developing digital technology.

we can easily see so many photos done by digital camera thesedays  and  even too many .

The technology of digital camera has been developed a lot in the way of lighter and easy to access from my experience. so photos have also been closer to reality.

For me, as a person no interested in taking photo, current digital photos are good enough to show something or to mean something.

but there are  people  still looking for a better camera  , which means it is still not enough to mean real world or to mean something special.

it will be interesting to watch how camera technology improve and as a result , how digital photos will be seen in the future.